Trump’s Leaks To Russia May Well Have Put Individual Lives In Serious Danger

Trump’s ignorance, incompetence, and ego are putting intelligence agents at risk.

It won’t come as any surprise that international espionage is a complicated, high-stakes affair. At any given time, agents from countries all around the world are embedded with ISIS and other terrorist groups, secretly reporting back to their superiors in order to ensure that America and her allies have the latest intelligence. As the New York Times and Addicting Info have reported, the intelligence that President Trump shared with the Russians came from Israeli sources.

That’s a problem.

Iran is one of Israel’s greatest enemies and one of Russia’s biggest allies. They certainly have an interest in learning everything they can about Israeli intelligence assets. And now, thanks to Donald Trump’s startling incompetence, their Russian allies are free to tell them everything they know.

The Wall Street Journal’s statement confirming Israeli intelligence was the source.

This sort of intelligence breach is literally unprecedented. Until now, no American president has ever handled classified information so carelessly.

But that’s not the worst of it. Israeli field agents have been compromised thanks to Trump’s propensity for gossip. Sources say that they’re being recalled right now, forced to flee from the ISIS units in which they’ve worked so hard to embed themselves.

One of the biggest ironies about this ongoing story is just how many intelligence officials worried it was going to happen. Stories have broken since the election last year that quote intelligence sources saying they were worried about Trump’s stupidity.

One article, which ran in Israeli newspaper Haaretz and was written by investigative reporter Ronen Bergman, mentions this exact scenario, complete with a warning from American intelligence agents not to trust Trump. The article said, “American intelligence officials implied that Israel should ‘be careful’ when transferring intelligence information to the White House and the National Security Council following Trump’s inauguration – at least until it is clear that Trump does not have inappropriate connections with Russia.”

Nobody can say we weren’t warned.

Featured image by Spencer Platt via Getty Images