Trump Says He Gave Classified Info To Russia For ‘Humanitarian Reasons’ And Gets WRECKED (TWEETS)

On Tuesday, Donald Trump kicked off his morning by inserting his foot in his mouth, then his other foot, then growing a third foot and stuffing it in there too.

Sure, his explanation started out dumb as f*ck, but it gets better/worse: he says he gave “code word material” to Russia for “humanitarian reasons.” Yes, you read that right — he provided highly classified information to a hostile dictatorship for “humanitarian reasons.”

Interestingly, Trump national security advisor H.R. McMaster claimed on Monday that Trump did not reveal classified information — something he just as good as admitted in his tweets.

Ironically, Trump — who leaked classified information directly to Russia — complained that he has been asking FBI Director Comey (whom he fired after Comey requested additional resources for the Russia investigation) and “others” to figure out who has been leaking information about his and his administration’s misdeeds.

This administration is a joke so bad it’s almost criminal. OK, it is criminal. In fact, we’re left to wonder when — not if, but when — Republicans will feel that they have no choice but to put their country first and impeach this orange motherfucker.

Featured image via Getty Images (Pool)/screengrab