Keith Olbermann Lashes Out At Trump For Whining About Leaks With One Perfect Tweet

Keith Olbermann just fired an angry tweet at Donald Trump that will almost certainly leave him seething in fury.

Last week, Trump gave highly classified intelligence to Russian officials during a meeting in the Oval Office in which Russian state media was allowed but American journalists were banned.

Spilling the intel puts the source of the information in jeopardy and hurts our national security.

The Russians can even use the information in order to silence the source from revealing their own activity in Syria. In short, American intelligence gathering efforts against ISIS and Russia have just been seriously compromised.

Outrage immediately ensued after the story broke, with both Democrats and Republicans expressing concern over Trump’s actions. The optic are also terrible in light of the fact that Trump is embroiled in a growing scandal involving Russia and had fired FBI Director James Comey the day before the meeting.

Of course, Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend his actions, ending his rant by whining about leakers despite the fact that he leaked highly classified information to the Russians.

GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann was NOT impressed, especially after reading the last tweet. So he lashed out at Trump with words every American wants to say to him right now.

Donald Trump is a traitor. He violated his oath of office and violated the trust of an ally by sharing this intel with the Russians, who interfered with the 2016 Election by hacking into our political institutions. Was this the price the Russians demanded in exchange for helping Trump win? Because if it is, our national security is at serious risk. Russia would love nothing more than know everything we know. What’s next? Will Trump share NATO strategies with Russia? How about the nuclear codes?

Clearly, Trump is willing to give his Russian buddies anything, whether or not they actually ask for it. This is a violation of the American people’s trust and there should be consequences. He should either resign in disgrace or be impeached and put behind bars where traitors belong. The Russians have a mole in the White House. His name is Donald Trump.

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