Erik Erikson: Trump’s Russia Leak ‘Is Actually Far Worse Than What is Being Reported’ (DETAILS)

Conservative pundit Erik Erikson is weighing in on Donald Trump’s decision to blab highly classified information to the Russians during a closed-door meeting at the White House and he is vouching for at least one of the sources.

In a blog post on his website, The Resurgent, Erikson said that usually, he takes “these stories about the President with a grain of salt.” But this time, things are different because he knows that the information is coming from a credible source whom he knows personally. He notes that the source is actually very pro-Trump, “or at least has been and was during Campaign 2016.”

Erikson explains that since Trump refuses to accept any advice or criticism, members of his administration “are left with no other option but to go to the media, leak the story, and hope that the intense blowback gives the President a swift kick in the butt. Perhaps then he will recognize he screwed up.”

“I am told that what the President did is actually far worse than what is being reported. The President does not seem to realize or appreciate that his bragging can undermine relationships with our allies and with human intelligence sources. He also does not seem to appreciate that his loose lips can get valuable assets in the field killed,” Erikson writes.

“You can call these sources disloyal, traitors, or whatever you want,” he continues. “But please ask yourself a question — if the President, through inexperience and ignorance, is jeopardizing our national security and will not take advice or corrective action, what other means are available to get the President to listen and recognize the error of his ways?”

Erikson concludes by affirming his absolute belief that the information about Trump sharing top secret info with Russia is credible. “This is a real problem and I treat this story very seriously because I know just how credible, competent, and serious — as well as seriously pro-Trump, at least one of the sources is.”

Featured image via Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images