Kellyanne Conway Just Can’t Stop Talking About Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll (VIDEO)

With nothing else important going on in the world, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway doubled-down on Anderson Cooper because she’s so offended that he rolled his eyes during an interview a few days ago in which she tried to defend her boss over the bizarre timing of James Comey’s termination as Director of the FBI. Just like last Thursday, Conway again said that Cooper was “probably sexist” because he rolled his eyes. Last Thursday, instead of addressing the issue at hand, Conway brought up Trump’s election victory in Michigan, but the subject was Comey.

“I turned [the question] around as I often do,” Conway told Fox News host Howard Kurtz. “And he rolled his eyes, possibly sexist — definitely, what I call Trumpist, which many people who go on TV are treated like house guests. And then when we go on TV, we’re not.”

Conway said that there’s a “quest to go viral” with interviewers when they tell White House staffers that their arguments “make no sense” or say that they “must be lying.”

“It really doesn’t help democracy,” she said. “We’re faced with people with the feigned, pained look; the furrowed brow, the curled lip anytime someone tries to say something, including the president.”

“The obsession with every [Trump] tweet and every comment,” Conway whined. “And not covering the jobs numbers, not covering the amazing trade deal that we just made with China. It’s like, ‘Trade deal on beef with China. Yawn.’ That’s news!”


Coway is triggered over an eye roll which she deems to be ‘sexist’ while she works for a man who thinks grabbing women by their genitals is OK if you’re in a powerful position. Conway went to her safe place at Fox News to talk about an eye roll while her boss, Donald J. Trump, is plagued with scandals. Team Trump isn’t even good at deflecting anymore.

As far as Conway’s claim that people are obsessed over Trump’s tweets, it’s conservatives who have recently agreed with the alleged president – he should cancel all press briefings and just use Twitter. So, yeah, his tweets are important and he uses the social site as his podium. Words mean things. Well, they used to — before Trump.

Image via screen capture.