Alec Baldwin And Melissa McCarthy Probably Just Put The Final Nail In Sean Spicer’s Coffin (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that Donald Trump absolutely HATES Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Well, this week’s edition of SNL certainly will not please The Donald, because McCarthy’s “Spicey” came back with a vengeance.

The segment opened with Aidy Bryant doing an absolutely PERFECT impression of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Deputy Press Secretary and daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, filling in for Spicer as she has been doing all week since Trump fired FBI Director James Comey and sent Washington reeling once again.

“Huckabee Sanders” points out that she is doing “Spicer’s” job because he is on Naval Reserve duty. However, in this episode, he is outside in the bushes, just as the real Sean Spicer did in a pathetic attempt to hide from reporters after the Comey news broke. Bryant’s Huckabee Sanders insisted that this was part of a Naval Reserve exercise, though.

Then, a couple of members of the White House Press Corps asked if “Huckabee Sanders” could replace “Spicer” permanently. Before she could answer, “Spicer” bursts in with a fire extinguisher and blasts a reporter’s pants with it, insinuating that he was lying by pointing out all of “Spicer’s” flaws.

A reliably contentious press conference followed, focusing on the fallout from the Comey situation, just as press briefings have all week in real time. After Spicer finally ends the briefing abruptly, he rides to New York City to find Alec Baldwin’s Trump. Of course, “Trump” is not at Trump Tower, so he then continues on to one of Trump’s golf properties, where he asks Trump if he is about to be replaced by his Deputy Press Secretary.

“Trump” assures Spicey that he is safe, and then gives him a dramatic kiss – the kiss of death.

The real Donald Trump is going to be absolutely furious with this. Further, rabidly homophobic Mike Pence will insist that Spicer has to go now that SNL has taken to mocking him and Trump with same-sex kisses.

This will definitely fall under the heading – in Trump’s mind, of course – of making his employee look weak.

I’d be willing to bet we’ve seen just about the last of the real life Spicey. That isn’t so bad, though I will miss Melissa McCarthy’s version.

Watch the hilarious segment below:

Featured image via video screen capture