Trump Tweeted Nine Times To Deleted Russian Twitter Accounts And No One Is Talking About It

Trump’s long record of tweet-before-think action has gotten him into some hot water in the past, but somehow a few weird pre-POTUS tweets from November 2014 through January 2015 went largely unnoticed by the media.

During the five months before officially announcing his bid to run for the Presidency, Mr. Trump shot off nine very strange tweets about running for President to two Russian accounts.

These tweets which are currently still live — for now — are re-tweets from @VladimirRussia7 and @russiannavyblog, which accounts have since been deactivated. Tagged in these tweets are human rights activist Dr. Rita Pal, someone belonging to the handle @russia890, and @monkiekaty.

In these tweets, Trump is continually quoting someone named Vladimir who was pretty obviously hinting that Trump was about to run for President. These tweets are really weird, but even more strange is the fact that Trump-ripping world of pissed off citizens and media haven’t picked up on these tweets until Paste Magazine reported about them on May 9th.

It’s unlikely that @VladimirRussia7 is Vladimir Putin, so what the hell is going on here? What would provoke Trump to quote tweets calling him “the great teacher” in broken English at Christmas-time from some random unverified dude name Vlad? Well, this is Trump we are talking about, but FIVE, from the same unimportant nobody? Maybe Trump THOUGHT he was tweeting Putin? Or, maybe he wanted people to think Putin was an admirer? He was up to something, even if he didn’t realize he was making it public.

It seems like there have been many attempts in the past to erase the identities of Trumps Twitter friends, as a total of 175 Twitter accounts that Trump quoted have now disappeared, according to the “Social Puncher data tracker. @VladimirRussia7 is one of the forever lost accounts. Fortunately for us, the second deleted Twitter account @russiannavyblog, is a hilarious story. It seems an ex-CIA Russian warship expert was trolling Trump, but he still doesn’t get the joke.

According to the Paste article, an ex-CIA Trump-hater who went by the handle @russiannavyblog, was pissed at Trump for calling McCain a “loser” for being captured in Vietnam. When trump tried to defend himself by retweeting a picture of a Vietnam vet, it turned out to be a hoax picture of Jefferey MacDonald, convicted murderer.  Amazingly, the person who originally tweeted that picture at Trump was @russiannavyblog, with the original caption “My bad ass Vietnam vet dad has balls too which is why he’s voting Trump!”

Now if that’s not hilarious enough, it seems in September @russiannavyblog trolled him again about Trump’s draft dodging. This Navyblog trickster got Trump to make fun of himself by such talented wit that Tump mistook him for a supporter!

Can you believe our idiot President took this tweet for an endorsement? We really do have a shit-for-brains President: