Trump Ignores Historically Low Rating, Brags He Could Win Election ‘By A Lot More’ Now (VIDEO)

The fact that most of the country despises Donald Trump and voted against him is no secret. The fact that most of America wants Trump to get kicked out of the White House is not a secret. With his historically low approval ratings (which dwindle by the day) as well as steadily mounting failures, it’s hard to ignore that Trump’s presidency is failing. There’s just one big problem — Trump doesn’t seem to know it, or at least he’s not acknowledging it.

Months later, Trump is still talking about his election victory. It’s honestly an embarrassing win, considering he lost the popular vote by 3 million and scraped by thanks to the Electoral College. Combined with his pathetic inaugural crowds, no one understands why Trump still wants to brag about this, but he was back at it again in an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt last night. And during that interview, he said something that is going to blow your mind.

Ignoring all facts and data that proves Trump is the least popular, least successful starting POTUS in modern history, Trump actually said that his election victory would be even greater if the election were held today – even after all his epic fails.

Holt asked Trump if he felt like he was constantly fighting for legitimacy, and Trump said the country was “divided”. He should have left it at that, but instead the lies started to pour freely. Trump said the GOP was “very, very much behind” him and loved his disastrous health care plan – which many Republicans have publicly denounced. Trump then said “Obamacare is dead” before dropping the final bombshell. Trump said his poll numbers “were so good” that:

“If the election were held today, I would win by a lot more than I did on November 8th.”

Yes, Trump is saying this while his approval rating has just plunged to 36%. Watch below:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images