Fox News: Trump Is The One To Blame for White House ‘Disarray’ (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump likes to call most of the press “fake” so when the White House is called disorganized or unprofessional, it is easy for him to discount the criticism. FOX News, however, is one of his favorite outlets.

This week it is hard to call the White House anything but a hot mess. The communications office, for instance, does not seem to have any idea of what’s going on. But even Chris Wallace, the host of FOX News Sunday, is saying any problems in the White House communications office should be laid at the feet of the president.

Wallace said, “One of the problems has been the disarray at the White House communications shop. The president has been blaming that on them, but the fact is it should be blamed on him, because he didn’t seem to trust them enough to give them advanced notice.”

There have been reports that despite not having given his staff the information they needed to develop a coherent and comprehensive strategy, Trump was up watching the television coverage of Comey’s firing, yelling at the set and blaming the people around him for not defending the decision.,

Wallace said that he has been trying to book a White House spokesperson all week to go on his Sunday show and has had no success. He said, “They still haven’t given us anybody. We can’t even reach anybody — they’re not available, they’re not answering the phone.”

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images.