Ex-FBI Tears Trump To Pieces, Wonders ‘Who’s In Charge of This Country?’ (VIDEO)

All Americans, and indeed the entire world, should be very afraid of what is going on with Donald Trump’s presidency. Many people have voiced those concerns publicly, and one of them is former FBI Special Agent Clinton Watts.

On Friday, Watts appeared on MSNBC to discuss Trump’s threatening tweet directed at now-former FBI Director James Comey, and his remarks were most extraordinary. First, he addressed Trump’s tweet.

“He’s threatening somebody he already fired. He would make passive threats to the FBI Director via Twitter before he fired him.”

“He’s saying he might taping…recordings of you to use against you later.”

“It’s not the rule of law, it’s the rule of Trump.”

Watts then turned to the fact that Trump really doesn’t seem to be running the nation at all. This is evident to anyone watching the chaos unfold on a daily basis, of course. He continued:

“He’s obviously not working right now or in charge, he’s sitting watching TV and tweeting. Who is in charge of this country?”

“This is a different level of seriousness, in terms of this tweet this morning.”

This is getting more and more grave by the day. Trump is drunk with power and abusing it. The White House is in chaos, its spokespeople seem to have no idea what to say to the American public. Everyone in the administration lies routinely to the American public. And now, most grave of all, we have this out of control president threatening the man he just fired – a man who happened to be leading up an investigation into the president himself. The firing itself seems like obstruction of justice, and the threat is even worse.

Congress, if ever there was a time for you to do your jobs and check and balance Donald Trump, it’s now. This man is ripping our democracy apart before our very eyes, and you’re sitting by and letting it happen.

Watch Clint Watts rip Trump apart below:

Featured image via video screen capture