Congress Demands White House Turn Over Alleged Comey Tape Mentioned In Trump’s Tweet (LETTER)

During yet another Twitter fit on Friday morning, Donald Trump seems to be unraveling before our eyes under the pressure of the press and ongoing investigations into his campaign ties to Russia.

Earlier in the week, Trump fired James Comey who was the Director of the FBI. Now, in an effort to seemingly almost blackmail Comey so he doesn’t leak any pertinent information regarding investigations, Trump tweeted:

Well, members of Congress saw this tweet and are holding him accountable for what is being implied. Quite honestly, it’s about time Congress starts taking Trump’s tweets seriously.

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) had this to say:

“Earlier this morning, President Trump wrote a tweet referencing his taping of high-level conversations in the White House. In light of this revelation, I would respectfully request that the White House Counsel provide the House Oversight Committee with all tapes of the President’s communications with former FBI Director James Comey, of President Trump’s meeting with Russian officials which was closed to American press but not their Russian counterparts, and of any conversations regarding the hiring or firing of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. These White House tapes could accelerate current investigations as previous tapes have aided past inquiries.”

Here is the official letter to White House Counsel Donald McGhan with the request:

If Trump is going to use his Twitter account to relay information not only to the public but to the legislative branch of government, he better be prepared to face the consequences of his words.

If there are tapes, this isn’t only damning for Comey, but also Trump himself. He seems to think he can manipulate this whole situation like some sort of deal in a boardroom. This isn’t a boardroom. This is the United States government, and good on Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi for calling him out.

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