Dan Rather Blasts GOP For Protecting Trump, Gives Them A Tongue Lashing They’ll Never Forget (VIDEO)

Legendary journalist Dan Rather has become a major critic of Donald Trump and the GOP, and if there’s anyone who should be commenting on the firing of FBI Director James Comey, it’s him.

On MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Rather weighed in on Trump’s shady behavior in firing Comey right as the Russia investigation was heating up. In his appearance, Rather said he wanted the Republican Party to take a good look at themselves and figure out why they refused to hold Trump accountable when it’s blatantly obvious that this is a cover-up.

In speaking with Matthews, Rather called Trump’s termination of Comey a “smoke screen” and stated that the Russia scandal needs to be done by an independent commission with a special prosecutor, which many people are calling for. Rather said:

“[The Comey firing], it’s smoke screen, it’s cover. I’ll be very surprised if it fools very many among the American people. … What’s needed here are some Republican leaders. Republicans have the White House, they have the Supreme Court, they have the Congress. This is going to require some Republican officeholders with guts who say to themselves, “I want the Trump administration to succeed, I want my party to succeed, but more importantly, I want to do what’s good for the country.” And they know, in that secret place behind their hearts that what’s good for the country is an independent, bipartisan commission with a special prosecutor.”

Rather has always nailed it when it comes to analyzing Trump, and he did it again. It’s obvious that Comey’s firing was meant to be a distraction, and everyone seems to acknowledge this except for the GOP. The Republican Party’s tendency to look the other way and protect their own is hurting the country and will have serious consequences if something is not done immediately.

The best thing Republicans can do now is act like grown ups and forget about getting one over on the Democrats so that Trump’s issues can be dealt with. America’s democracy cannot be played with, and should not be compromised because the GOP refuses to work with others. If they cannot, an independent commission is America’s only hope for Trump to be held accountable.

You can watch Rather tear the GOP to shreds below:

Featured image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images