BREAKING: FBI Is Raiding GOP Election Consulting Firm

While the Republican Party rants on and on about non-existent voter fraud, the evidence is mounting that they are the party that is engaged in electoral malfeasance and now, the FBI is raiding a firm that helped in Republican elections.

The raid was on the Strategic Campaign Group. According to reports, about a half dozen FBI agents arrived Thursday morning to search and seize records.

Details are scant now, and will be updated as the story develops, but here’s what we have so far, and none of it has anything to do with Donald Trump:

(Kelley) Rogers (President of Strategic Campaign Group), who said his firm represents the campaign committees for Maryland House and Senate candidates, told reporters that the FBI investigation concerns work the firm performed during the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial campaign of former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Republican.

According to Rogers, his firm settled a civil suit brought by the Cuccinelli campaign after he lost that race to Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Rogers said the investigation appears to have stemmed from allegations brought in that suit.
Twitter, though, has their theories and none of them look good for Donald Trump.

The Cuccinelli suit (which was settled for between $75,000 and $85,000) alleged that Strategic Campaign Group and the associated Conservative Strike Force Political Action Committee — an independent group not affiliated with the candidate — raised about $2.2 million by assuring donors it would spend the money to help elect the GOP candidate. The suit alleged that the PAC and Strategic Campaign Group failed to follow through on promises for an extensive media campaign on Cuccinelli’s behalf.

Source: Capital Gazette

This isn’t to imply that just because they were busted once, that’s their only crime. The timing perfectly coordinates with warrants and subpoenas being issued in the Trump/Russia investigation. According to the left wing blog The Palmer Report:

One of the insiders whose sources correctly pointed to today’s FBI action is Democratic insider Claude Taylor. In the wake of the Annapolis raid, he’s now sharing the following: “Source in legal community reports large number of Warrants from Eastern District of Virginia being executed. By the FBI. Source reports frenzy of activity inside the EDVA, large number of agents, US Marshals. The battle has been joined” (link). He goes on to add more details about the goings-on at the Eastern District Court of Virginia, which Comey recently confirmed is working with the FBI on the Trump-Russia investigation.

“The basement of the EDVA was described as resembling a “judicial Armada” with a dozen or more FBI and US Marshals vans,” Taylor states.

Regardless of whether this is about Trump or not, it’s clear that the GOP has gotten cocky in their lawlessness and their chickens are coming home to roost. We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.