Bombshell Report Reveals What Comey REALLY Thought Of Trump

By now, the whole world knows that the investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russia is likely what led to the firing of FBI Director James Comey. However, new reporting also reveals that Comey really didn’t think much of Trump in the first place. According to a report in The Week, Comey had expressed concern about Trump’s temperament as it related to the presidency and the leadership of the nation. He allegedly told confidantes that Trump is “crazy” and “outside the realm of normal.”

Like the rest of the sane people in America, Comey also seemed to believe that Trump’s lack of self restraint and his impulsive and reckless statements on Twitter were a danger to the nation. Further, it seems that Trump was angry with Comey on several occasions as well. When Comey testified in open Congressional hearing that there was no evidence to corroborate Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, Trump was incensed. The same is true of Comey’s refusal to pledge loyalty to Trump instead of the United States Constitution.

Daniel C. Richman, a close adviser to Comey, says of the situation:

“With a president who seems to prize personal loyalty above all else and a director with absolute commitment to the Constitution and pursuing investigations wherever the evidence led, a collision was bound to happen.”

Indeed. And that is the problem: Trump doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution or the rule of law; in fact, he seems to only care for himself and what benefits him and makes him look good. He doesn’t care about the American people, or the nation. This whole sorry excuse for a “presidency” is nothing more than the ultimate reality show for an incompetent, unfit fool with the biggest ego in the world. Unfortunately, we’re all paying the price.

Featured image via Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images