Trump Explains Why He Fired James Comey, F*cks Up And Admits He Should Be Impeached (VIDEO)

After kicking the morning off with a tweet storm attacking Democrats for criticizing his choice to fire FBI Director James Comey, Trump only seemed to make matters worse as the day went on.

While meeting with pool reporters in the White House, Trump gave a public explanation for the termination of Comey, and accidentally made himself look horrible in the process. Keeping his message short and sweet, Trump said that the reason he fired Comey was because:

“He wasn’t doing a good job, very simply. He was not doing a good job.”

You can watch that baffling moment below, where Trump cluelessly insults himself and ignored every question about Russia before kicking all the reporters out:

That’s certainly a strange thing for Trump to say, because by now he must know that his own approval rating is historically low and it continues to plummet with every failure his administration suffers. If Trump agrees that an FBI Director can be fired for their poor performance, it only makes sense that the same should apply to Trump.

There’s overwhelming evidence that Trump’s job performance sucks — and it’s not just his disastrous approval rating or the fact that polls show that most Americans want him out. From Trump’s failed Muslim travel ban to his disgusting American Health Care Act (Trumpcare), Trump’s first 100 days have been filled with failure after failure. There have been several times where Trump had to resort to taking credit for former President Barack Obama’s work just to save his image.

America is so much worse off now that Trump is in the White House, and if the country has to suffer through the rest of his term, the damage may be irreversible by the time we get a more qualified POTUS. But today, Trump accidentally said those magic words: if Comey can be fired for doing a bad job, so should he.

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images