Kellyanne Conway Threatens Media: It’s ‘Inappropriate’ To Question Comey’s Firing (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, the United States received a major blow against system of checks and balances when Donald Trump clumsily and unceremoniously fired FBI Director James Comey right after Comey testified in front of a Senate panel about the administration’s Russian connections. Now, it seems, the administration wants to stifle another critical part of our democracy — the media, who according to Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway, has no right to ask about the firing.

Conway, who dialed her smug mean girl persona up to 11 for CNN’s Chris Cuomo, was adamant in the idea that the media would be acting inappropriately if they did their job in questioning the very suspicious timing of the firing. In fact, asserted Conway, Trump will do what he wants when he wants (isn’t that the calling card of a dictator?).

“You want to question when he hires, when he fires. That’s inappropriate,” she said. “He’ll do it when he wants to.”

Despite the fact that the timing of and the reason for the firing doesn’t pass the sniff test, Conway continued to assert the administration line that Comey was fired over the Clinton emails. In the past, Trump had praised Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton emails, but yesterday he fired him for the same thing?

“The idea that you think this was about Russia and not about an FBI director who just forced his bureau to correct sworn testimony that Huma Abedin forwarded hundreds of thousands of emails,” Conway said, trailing off.

“President Trump wants an FBI director who is impartial, who is not politicized, who has the trust of the FBI and Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill,” she added. “There are any number of issues and evens that brought the president to this decision.”

Source: Washington Examiner

Here’s the video:

That, my friends, is the sound of democracy dying, It’s a quicker death than I would have imagined.

Featured image via video screen capture.