Trump’s EPA Just Fired Five Scientists To Make Room For Industry Insiders


Trump administration is keeping good on its promise to all but destroy U.S. environmental policy this week. The New York Times reports that Trump’s EPA has let go of at least five scientific review board members, with plans to replace the academics with money hungry industry big-wigs. It seems Trump’s goal is to shrink the EPA regulatory reach by taking science out of the picture altogether.

J.P. Freire, a spokesperson for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says Pruitt is considering industry representatives – the same polluters the EPA was designed to regulate – as replacements for the five scientists who are getting the boot.

“The administrator believes we should have people on this board who understand the impact of regulations on the regulated community,” Friere stated.

This dismissal comes six weeks after the House moved forward a bill that pushes for more corporate representatives on another EPA scientific review board.

Trump is calling for a radical remake of the EPA by implementing deep budget cuts – up to a 40 percent cut for scientific research – and instructing Mr. Pruitt to destroy essential Obama-era climate change and water protection regulations. Mr. Pruitt will likely follow Trump’s direction seeing as he publicly denounces the established science that climate change is caused by humans.

This move coincides with the Trump administration’s current track record of putting people in charge of the agencies they want to destroy. The complete anti-science stance and defunding of scientific research by the Trump administration are unprecedented in U.S. presidential history.

Trump is now taking the swamp water he promised to drain and is putting it in charge of destroying the environment.

Featured image by Ron Sach-Pool via Getty Images