There’s Something Really Creepy About Melania Trump’s Signature

Handwriting experts have noticed something very strange about Melania Trump’s signature — it look almost exactly like her husband’s angular sharpie .

It was first noticed after Melania sent a personal thank you note to actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson, who presented the First Lady with a faux fur coat. Anderson posted the note on Twitter.

By contrast, here is Trump’s signature.

Image via Quartz Media.

While the two signatures aren’t identical, they both share some pretty striking similarities.

As handwriting expert Sheila Kurtz told Yahoo, “Hers looks just like his, which is absolutely amazing.”

Both signatures have been described as spiky with thick black lines.

There has been speculation about the unusual likeness, with Uproxx’s Kimberly Ricci writing, “Is President Trump answering his wife’s letters? Did he sign this letter and keep the coat as a fancy bathrobe? Is he a fan of Baywatch? Lots of questions need to be answered here.”

Source: AOL

Twitter didn’t miss the similarities either:

There are several possible explanations, and all but one should send chills down the spines of feminists:

1. He is signing her name — That would either indicate that Melania is completely illiterate, and even I don’t believe that, or that she married a complete control freak. Either way, doesn’t he have something better to do than micromanage his wife’s communications?

2. It’s a stamp or a computer simulation — While this is the most likely scenario, it’s only slightly less disturbing. If so, he clearly instructed someone to create a signature that was so his wife would only be seen as an extension of him and his gawdawful style. He’s like one of those husbands who insists on a joint Facebook page.

3. She has been trained to have a signature that looks just like his — Gross.

4. She actually has a signature that looks just like his. — Very weird, but not entirely creepy.The least he could let her do is use an elegant pen instead of a sharpie.

Featured image via Pool/Getty Images.