Trump Has Extremely Inappropriate Reaction To Being Contradicted By His Own National Security Adviser

The majority of America has already noticed – and figured it out a long time ago – that Donald Trump doesn’t have a measured, steady reaction to anything. Widely known for his lack of mental and emotional stability, America’s new failing president continues to horrify the nation (and the world) with his over-the-top, inappropriate reactions to even the most straightforward issues and disagreements. How Trump treats members of his own team is a perfect example of this.

Last month, Trump made a controversial remark when he insisted that South Korea should pay for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), a missile defense system that would help keep North Korea at bay. As Trump frequently talks out of his a** and makes statements that have no basis in reality, he was quickly contradicted by his own National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster. In a public statement, McMaster stepped in and quickly assured the Korean government that the cost of THAAD would be taken care of by the United States. Apparently, Trump didn’t take that too well.

According to Bloomberg, it’s just been revealed that Trump lost his sh*t over this and tore his own adviser a new one over the phone. Bloomberg reported:

“Trump was livid, according to three White House officials, after reading in the Wall Street Journal that McMaster had called his South Korean counterpart to assure him that the president’s threat to make that country pay for a new missile defense system was not official policy. These officials say Trump screamed at McMaster on a phone call, accusing him of undercutting efforts to get South Korea to pay its fair share.”

Trump, as usual, was having a highly inappropriate reaction to his fragile ego being bruised. Apparently, this isn’t even the first and only time something like this has happened. Bloomberg stated that in private, Trump calls McMaster “the general undermining my policy” and appears regretful that he appointed him.

The lack of trust and in-fighting we’ve seen in the Trump administration – as well as Trump’s lack of respect for the advisers HE appointed – is unprecedented on so many levels. This administration continues to be an embarrassment to this country, and most of us can’t wait until this nightmare is over.

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images