Paul Ryan Takes A Monumentally HUMILIATING Photo With A Constituent Who EXPERTLY Trolled Him (IMAGE)

Politicians are all about photo-ops. This is especially true of high-ranking, smarmy types like House Speaker Paul Ryan. However, Speaker Ryan’s opportunism got the best of him during the congressional break this weekend, when he wound up taking a picture with a #RESISTANCE activist while Ryan himself was wearing an apron at a shelter of some sort and pretending to care about people.

Of course, the members of Congress are taking their break amid the worst, most cruel and craven healthcare bill that has been passed in living memory, and millions of Americans are understandably upset at the prospect of the Republicans taking their healthcare away as these rich assholes celebrate in the White House Rose Garden with Donald Trump. After all, all the House GOP cares about is a win for their egotistical orange “president.” Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a  protester wearing a “Pod Save America” t-shirt that read “Repeal and go f*ck yourself,” and that was signed “GOP,” took the opportunity to troll Speaker Ryan so expertly. Here is the shot, via Twitter:

So, in other words, either Paul Ryan KNOWS people hate him around the nation, or he is too ignorant to realize how much people hate him. Or, most likely, he’s been in Congress so long he thinks he cannot get voted out, and therefore doesn’t care what his policies do to ordinary Americans – up to an including death – just so long as he and his rich buddies get their tax cuts. The latter is the most likely scenario, and we should all remember that. Wisconsinites – look at who this guy is. VOTE. HIM. OUT. SHOCK HIM in 2018. For this “speaker” into early retirement, and install a Democratic government that will work for you, not the rich.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images