MSNBC BRILLIANTLY Smacks Offended Trumpkins Who Want Colbert Fired For A Joke (VIDEO)

By now, everyone knows that Stephen Colbert laid into Donald Trump in spectacular fashion on Monday night with a tirade that culminated with the Late Show host declaring that the wannabe president’s mouth isn’t good for anything but serving as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “cock holster.” Now, considering all the vulgar language Trump has used and continues to use, and his cavalier attitude toward said language – and, in some cases, even actions – one would think this sort of thing would be accepted as par for the course in this administration. But, alas, common sense is scarce here, so of course Trump and his supporters are offended. Hell, even the Federal Communications Commission is trying to go after Colbert for the joke. Well, an MSNBC panel has just about had enough of the double standards and hypocrisy on this one, and they let Trump and his cronies know it on Saturday.

Dean Obeidallah, Scott Blakeman and Judy Gold appeared on Saturday’s edition of Joy Reid’s weekend show, AM Joy, and lit into the people going after Colbert for making fun of Trump in a crude way. First, Obeidallah railed against the idea that GOP types could ever think – much less care – that joke was homophobic. He also alluded to how it is Trump who took our politics into the gutter, and therefore he is not immune to being the subject of such crude jokes:

“Nothing is off limits with this guy. I think comedians are playing a role in preventing him from being normalized.”

“Too bad little snowflakes. We’re going to make as many jokes as we want. You need a safe space, go hide. Put on your big boy pants because it’s just beginning.”

Judy Gold then chimed in, reminding everyone that right-wingers bitched about Ann Coulter being too nasty to speak at Berkeley, and how right-wingers reacted to that. Either they like free speech or they don’t. Gold said:

“The outrage that we had to listen to about Ann Coulter and her hate speech at Berkeley that the conservatives were, ‘Oh, you know, there’s too much political correctness, too much of this and too much of that.’ Colbert is a comedian. He is telling a joke. Funny is funny.”

This panel is correct. The Right wants to cry foul if someone shuts down one of their speakers, but they want a late night comedian fined if he says something that is a little too off color for their tastes about their great orange leader. Get used to it, conservatives. Elect a clown, expect a circus. And expect the people who realize what a clown he is to make fun of said clown and its circus.

Watch the video below:

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