Seth Meyers Shows Clip After Clip Of Trump’s Incredible Stupidity (VIDEO)

Seth Meyers takes his “A Closer Look” segment to destroy President Donald Trump and his Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Meyers found more examples of stupidity on behalf of the White House, including a reference to something George W. Bush said that clearly went over the president’s head. Bush said that the Oval Office is that shape to “have no corners to hide in.” He also brought up a recent interview Trump did with John Dickerson, of CBS’s Face the Nation. Trump referred to the show as “Deface the Nation.” While calling news outlets he doesn’t like is not anything new, this was the first time he did it to the reporter’s face and while taping an interview for the show in question.

The comedian wasn’t done there. He also eviscerated the performance of the press secretary who seems to make less and less sense in his daily press briefings. Despite Spicer’s claims, the new border fence was paid for by previous administrations.


Featured image via Lloyd Bishop/NBC.