Mike Huckabee Posts ‘Super Racist’ Cinco De Mayo Tweet, America Responds Perfectly

Ever since Donald Trump won the election, Republicans have felt they have free reign to show just how racist and despicable they can be. The party’s true colors are on full display, and today’s GOPers have no shame in expressing their most vile thoughts and offensive sense of humor.

We saw this today when Mike Huckabee decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by tweeting an extremely racist message, which he obviously thought was hilarious. The problem is, no one else did.

People have criticized Huckabee’s jokes before, stating that they’re either not funny or mean-spirited, and some are just plain confusing. In this case, Huckabee went full racist and unleashed his funny bone on Twitter.

Huckabee stated that in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, he would “drink an entire jar of hot salsa”, watch racist cartoons and “speak Spanish” all day. You can’t get more racist than that:

If you didn’t think this “joke” was funny, you’re not alone – tons of people on Twitter didn’t enjoy it, either – and they didn’t hesitate to tell him. Huckabee got dragged on Twitter, proving that America won’t stand for the “values” that the Trump administration is trying to push on the country. Here are some of the best responses:

Here’s our favorite, and it’s probably the response that will hurt the most, because it’s true!

After his presidential campaign crashed and burned, coming to a pathetic end, Huckabee is struggling to stay relevant. He hopped on the Trump train for a while, and this joke explains exactly why he supported the undeserving POTUS – racists love to stick together.

Hopefully, the backlash to this tweet will remind Huckabee that no one likes him and that racism is still not okay, even if we do have a racist president at the moment.

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