‘Cases Upon Cases Of Beer’: GOP Organizes Booze Party To Celebrate Stripping 24 Million Of Insurance

Republicans haven’t read their own bill, aren’t waiting around to see it independently scored, and seem to have only a limited interest in what the devastating effects may be, but they do know one thing: After they vote to strip an estimated 24 million people of health insurance and bankrupt countless more they plan to get hammered.

Paul Ryan once inexplicably boasted that he’d been fantasizing about killing Medicaid since he was “drinking at a keg” in college. Now on the verge of destroying America’s healthcare system more completely than Fratboy Ryan ever dared dream, he seems to be channeling that same impulse. Although going on a booze bender hours after signing the literal death warrants for many Americans tends to look pretty bad, which is why Republicans tried to hide the beers under a sheet. It didn’t work.

Even Roman Emperor Nero had enough sense not to be seen pounding Bud Light while the city burned.

Speaking of historically bad world leaders, the White House is said to be hosting a party for Republicans to celebrate tonight:

Other Republicans were in an equally celebratory mood – and equally tasteless. While congressional aides trickled into the Capitol building, someone started blasting the theme from “Rocky.” (The fact that Rocky actually doesn’t win the fight at the end of the movie was lost on the Republicans in the room. Handshakes, smiles, and high fives were going around.)

The celebratory way in which Republicans are treating this bill is in stark contrast to reality. The AHCA will almost surely mean millions lose health insurance. Those Americans with so-called “pre-existing conditions” can expect to either completely lose their coverage or find it so expensive that they may have no choice but to go without. A brand new study found that the ACA cut personal bankruptcies in the United States by half – that progress will be erased.

Politically, the bill, likely represents suicide for many Republicans. As statistician Nate Silver pointed out, Obamacare was divisive and unpopular when it first passed, but this bill is really, really unpopular – orders of magnitude more so than the ACA. And unlike the ACA, the Republican plan doesn’t have the benefit of actually working once it’s passed. People won’t even be able to “grow to like it” because – as the CBO score on the initial bill found – the legislation is a dumpster fire.

All of this to say: Drink up, Republicans! Something tells me your hangover is going to last a while.

Featured image via Eric Thayer/Getty Images