Heartless Former GOP Lawmaker Had The Most DESPICABLE Response To Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Healthcare Plea

Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Ill) has always been an asshole. His Twitter feed is full of damn near sociopathic rants, and he regularly appears on television saying the same sorts of things. He was kicked off his own radio show for racist slurs, is a well-known deadbeat dad, and even rewrote Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech into one of his infamous racist rants. However, what this guy did this time really takes the cake.

By now, we’ve all heard late night host Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional story about his newborn son’s congenital heart defect. Anyone with even a sliver of a heart was moved by that. But not Joe Walsh. Instead, Walsh decided to mock Kimmel, tweeting out:

This man is absolutely despicable. In his world, newborns with heart defects should just be made to die? Does he know that time is of the essence in such situations, and the LAST thing those parents should have to worry about is whether or not some corporate bureaucrats will deem their kid’s life worth saving, whether or not it hurts their bottom line too much?

This is what conservatism is, folks. It’s people like Joe Walsh who really don’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s those who’d let people die all because of selfishness. If this single tweet doesn’t tell you that the GOP is heartless, I don’t know what will.

Featured image via video screen capture