Something Weird Is Happening With Jared Kushner’s Hair

Jared Kushner is an Orthodox Jew working in a White House surrounded by neo-Nazis, but he’s also the son-in-law of Donald Trump, so principles be damned. Now, Kushner is normally a reasonably handsome man, if you like the boyish white collar criminal type, but lately it seems, he’s been channeling some of his father-in-law’s worst qualities, including (bizarrely) his hair, which he’s been wearing in that famous Trump combover/swirl/whatever the hell that thing is.

Twitter, obviously, has their theories.


Some see something a bit more calculated.

It’s entirely possible that Kushner chose this new look to impress his father-in-law, although he was made the de facto president with his old hair, so he had clearly already made the right impression.

More likely, this hairdo was Trump’s doing. Despite the fact that Trump is a one man What Not to Wear (ties too long, suits too big and that hair!), #45 is obsessed with what everyone around him wears. Kushner’s monstrosity reportedly came courtesy of Trump’s “stylist” which is located across the street from Trump’s New York residence. It’s not tough to imagine him telling Kushner to get “the Trump.”

On a subconscious level, though, this hair style speaks to more than just trying to suck up to the boss. It’s about a full makeover, which with Kushner, includes his principles.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images