Plane Passengers Get Into ALL OUT BRAWL, Then One Of Them Shouts ‘AMERICA!’ (VIDEO)

Yet another altercation has erupted on board an airplane. This time it was on board an ANA flight that looks to be returning from Japan, according to the Twitter timeline of the man who took the video.

In the video you can see two men in an all-out brawl, fully fist fighting. As of now, there is no known reason why the fight took place, but the instigator seems to shout “America!” and “You think I’m crazy? What about the government!”

The man who took the video, Corey Hour, described the event in a series of tweets:


According to LADbible, who published the video, “The man in the shirt was subsequently arrested for assault and public intoxication at the airport in Japan.” Seeing as they’re both wearing shirts, they likely meant the guy with the torn shirt who was escorted off the plane.

What is happening with people right now, more than usual, that they think violence is the answer to all their problems? Who does this? Grow up, already.

Watch the crazy brawl break out here:

Featured image via video screen capture