Sean Spicer: Trump Did Not Say That Thing Everyone Heard Him Say (VIDEO)

White House press secretary Sean Spicer literally denied the meaning of alleged president Donald Trump’s words during a briefing on Monday. The former reality show star gave a bizarre interview earlier on Monday on CBS’ Face the Nation from the Oval Office in which Trump once again, said that former president Barack Obama illegally tapped his phone lines. “I don’t stand by anything,” Trump told John Dickerson. “I just, you can take it the way you want. I think our side’s been proven very strongly. And everybody’s talking about it.”

The interview ended abruptly with Trump walking away after being pressed by the reporter to back up his claim. So, Spicer was asked about that crazy-time interview then twisted himself into a pretzel in an attempt to defend his boss.

“The president said, ‘I don’t stand by anything.’ How is the American public supposed to digest that, supposed to trust what the president says when he himself says, of his own comments, I don’t by anything,” a pool reporter asked Spicer.

“I think the point is, he clearly stands by that,” Spicer said. “That’s something that’s made very clear if you look at the entire back and forth exchange.”

Even though the exchange is documented on video after being televised, Spicer insisted that what we heard is not what we all heard.

“It was about wiretapping,” the reporter pressed on when asked to be specific. Spicer said it “was a long back and forth” and added that he “clearly stands by that.”

So, Trump stands by his “I don’t stand by anything” remark as well as his conspiracy-theory based wiretap claim.

“You don’t have to ask me,” Trump responded to one of Dickerson’s attempts to clarify his baseless claim. “Because I have my own opinions. You can have your own opinions.”

The House and Senate Intelligence committees previously announced that there is no evidence to back up Trump’s claim. As for Spicer repeatedly asking for clarification, let’s help him out. Trump made baseless and unprecedented attacks on his predecessor and his White House press secretary is defending him. Also, according to Trump and his White House press secretary, the alleged president doesn’t “stand by anything.” Still yet, Spicer feigned to know nothing about the interview, repeatedly asking for clarification.

Why is it when Trump says something, we need it to be translated? Then Spicer muddles it even more. Remember when we had a President who understood the meaning of words?

Image via screen capture.