WATCH: Rob Reiner Destroys Team Trump Claims that Obama Should Be Blamed for Flynn

All week, Team Trump has been trying to push all the blame for Michael Flynn’s actions onto the Obama administration. Despite the fact that Flynn did not start working for foreign governments until after he was fired, they still think they can say it is all Barack Obama’s fault. Rob Reiner is having none of it.

This morning on AM Joy, Reiner said:

“This man who is the head of our country is a pathological liar and everybody around him is lying. There’s no way to other way to look at this thing.

“Not only did we know about Michael Flynn, there were a number of articles, there was a letter written by the House Oversight Committee. It was well-known what Michael Flynn was doing, he was fired by Barack Obama, so that is clear.

“The one thing that they have been successful at so far is obfuscating the biggest single story that is permeating this country right now, and that is the invasion of a foreign power, a hostile foreign power into our democracy. And the Michael Flynn story, aside from the fact that he was taking money from Turkey, from Russia, from places and clearly that’s a criminal behavior, the main part of the story, and something that we haven’t even talked about is: why? Why with the White House knowing full well that this is who he was, they still appointed him National Security Adviser?”

At first the gang that can’t shoot straight looked like it was incompetent because they may not have bothered to do any vetting of Flynn before letting him take over as the National Security Advisor. Now it looks like they either did not understand the law or the Constitution and the rules the military needs to adhere to or they knew the rules and didn’t care that Flynn broke them. Either way, putting Flynn in such a sensitive post, with access to the most classified data, was never a good idea. While Flynn was getting the same briefing as the President-Elect, he penned an op-ed for The Hill urging more support for Turkey. When that piece was written, Flynn was receiving money from the Turkish government.

Featured image via Amanda Edwards/Getty Images.