While Scott Baio’s Battle With Erin Moran’s Family Continues, His Wife Defends His ‘Size’

Erin Moran’s family members must have really upset former ‘Happy Days’ star Scott Baio and his wife because now Chachi’s penis size is being defended.

Trump fan Scott Baio weighed in on Moran’s death, saying he was “not completely shocked” by his former co-star’s death and added that if “you do drugs or drink, you’re gonna die. I’m sorry if that’s cold, but God gave you a brain, gave you the will to live and thrive and you gotta take care of yourself.”

However, Moran died from cancer, not drugs. And Baio’s ignorance about drug addiction is stunning.

So, Moran’s brother Tony and her cousin, Roy, wasn’t too pleased. Baio was called a “d*ck head” and “a scumbag coward piece of shit!”

On Facebook, Tony Moran wrote:

A special shout out to Scott Baio. I already went on Twitter about you. I hope it finds you. You and my lil sis had a very very brief fling. She dumped you. 2 reasons. 1. She told me that you were more like a lil girl and not a man. 2. She told me that you were tiny. Ya know. Barely a man in the man region. True story! Scott, I’d advise you to get on your knees and pray you never run into me.

In what The Daily Beast notes as an “inability to know when to maintain a dignified silence,” Renee Baio came to the defense of her husband’s penis size.

Renee tweeted, “Why would a sister tell her brother about the size of boyfriend’s manhood? Creepy at best. SB was a playboy for a reason!” We took a screenshot knowing she might delete it or lock down her account and as a surprise to no one ever, her tweets are now protected.

So now Mrs. Baio is calling Erin Moran “creepy.” When her defense of Chachi’s penis size is, but he “was a playboy 4 a reason,” then she is bringing his manhood into question again. Sometimes silence is the better option. Chachi never grew up and he apparently married a child. Both of them are staunch Trump supporters, by the way. Chachi loves Trump. As for Renee, the E-list celebrity’s wife, she’s as much of an idiot as her husband. She’s taken to Facebook to launch rants in defense of her husband by using homophobic slurs against a website then declaring that Scott has “more class in his piss than all of you all.” Classy.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images