Man Attacks Lexington Student With Machete For Not Being A Republican

A student at Transylvania University was injured she was attacked by a man wielding a machete. The attacker, identified as Mitchell Adkins, entered a cafe on campus and started asking people what their political party affiliation was. In addition to the machete, he had a bag that was filled with knives. Mark Barnard, the police chief, said the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Classes at the university were cancelled for the rest of the day.

Of the victim, Transylvania University President Seamus Carey said she “is safe and her family is with her at the University of Kentucky Hospital.”

Adkins, who may be a former student at the school, was also taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

“A guy came in, banged something, a hatchet or an ax, on the table and said ‘the day of reckoning has come. He asked somebody what their political affiliation was, they said ‘Republican’ and the guy said ‘you are safe.’ And then I realized what was going on and started getting people out,” said Tristan Reynolds, another student who was in the coffee shop at the time of the attack. He reported that there were between 30 and 40 people in the cafe at the time. “We started to scatter and then very, very quickly campus security was getting everybody sheltered and secure. They were very on it.”

The cafe is popular with students. They like to go there for breakfast and coffee, according to Reynolds, who is the editor of The Rambler, the Transylvania student paper. One thing that sets this cafe apart is its open floor plan.

The coffee shop, which is inside the Glenn Building, has an open floor plan and is a popular spot for students to get coffee and breakfast, Reynolds said. He is the editor-in-chief of the Transylvania student newspaper, The Rambler, and was with other members of the paper’s staff at the cafe at time of the attack.

Lexington police, along with the security officers for the University of Transylvania, were given active shooter training a few weeks ago. This exercise also went onto how to lock down sites and the best way to keep students, faculty and staff safe. Seamus Carey, the president of the university said, “They’ve always been amazing and today they proved their worth again. They were there immediately. They saved what could have been a much more disastrous situation and I’d also like to commend the Lexington police for responding immediately as well.”

Adkins has a history of complaining about discrimination against conservatives. He wrote a letter to the student paper in which he said, “Being a Republican in this school makes me such a minority that I’ve had to face discrimination on a daily basis. Transylvania is a predominantly Democratic school. I’m always happy to listen to other people’s opinions, but as soon as I give my own, I’m called a ‘bigot,’ an ‘a—-le,’ some even go as far as ‘fascist Nazi.’”

“It also has been confirmed that Adkins wrote a BuzzFeed post in 2015. In it, he details the discrimination he believes he was subjected to at the school. He also blames this for his decision to drop out. He wrote:
“I am proud of who I am, but this school has shown me that it’s not okay to be a Republican anymore. All of these people who are all about non-discrimination and against bullies and all for equality, are more than happy to turn around and scream at someone for being different, kick him to the ground, and leave him there. I am not the bigot at this school, it is those who go back on their beliefs in order to encourage them.”

Featured image via the Lexington, Kentucky Police Department.