WATCH: The Simpsons Brutally Parodies Trump’s First 100 Days

The long running cartoon, The Simpsons, will offer its take on President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. In this clip, he is depicted counting up all of his accomplishments while sitting in bed. What are they? He has “lowered my gold handicap” and “added 700 new Twitter followers.” The clip also shows him replacing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg with his daughter, Ivanka.

The show is not only the longest running animated series on television; it is the longest running prime time program with a script. It first aired on December 12, 1988.

Politics has been a common theme on the show. The Simpsons predicted a Trump presidency. Back in 2000, the show had Lisa Simpson taking over from a President Trump. Their take on the impact such a thing would have on the country was not good as Lisa was going to “focus on the the R’s; reading, writing and refilling the oceans.”

Featured image via screen capture.