Trump Administration Admits That Latest Executive Order Was Nothing But An Empty Photo Op (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is quickly closing in on his first 100 days in office, and despite his many, many promises of accomplishments during this presidential milestone, he’s accomplished zilch other than a handful of executive orders that would help make America and the world a living stinkhole. So what does Trump, whose ever and only a showman do? He holds photo ops, where he holds up oversized documents to show off his cartoonish signature.

His latest executive order was the type of empty photo op you’d expect from a game show host, not from a president, because it literally did nothing. It was supposed to empower education secretary, Betsy DeVos to screw with Washington, D.C. public schools in much the same way as Trump is allowing oil companies to screw with our environment. Why just D.C.? Because they are the only school district within the purview of the federal government and not the states. So, every time Republicans want to bully people of color, they go after Washington, D.C. Fortunately for the school children, though, this executive order was about as toothless as the average Fox News viewer, as Senior Department of Education official Rob Goad admitted:

Q You said at the top that this executive order would empower the Secretary to modify or get rid of any regulations that don’t comply with law. How will that process work?

MR. GOAD: So I think at the end of 300 days, and after we have produced a report, we will make those decisions once the report has concluded.

Q So is she empowered to modify the regulations as needed, or is that going to be a separate process entirely?

MR. GOAD: The executive order gives her — empowers her to modify anything that is inconsistent with federal law.

Q Isn’t she already empowered to do those things? This executive order doesn’t give her those powers, right?

MR. GOAD: That’s right.

Source: ShareBlue

That, apparently, was too much transparency for the administration. Goad was prompted to shut down the press conference right after that question.