Paul Ryan BREAKS DOWN, Admits GOP’s Trumpcare Bill Is A Massive Failure (VIDEO)

The Republican Party has had it rough. Not only have they had to admit that their presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is an absolute nut job who can’t do anything right, but their attempt to replace Obamacare has been just as much of a failure.

The GOP has spent several years whining and moaning about how they would like to replace Obama’s Affordable Care Act, despite the fact that a majority of Americans are in favor of keeping it. But once they finally had their chance to prove they could do better with Trump in the White House, they blew it.

Recently at his weekly press conference, House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked if the House would vote on Trumpcare before Trump reached his first 100-day marker. Ryan’s response was nothing short of absolute defeat and despair as he admitted that the GOP’s horrible healthcare bill didn’t have enough votes to pass. Ryan said:

“We want to go when we’re ready to go. This has been a very organic bottom up process. It takes time to do that. We’re doing big things, and you know me, I talked about 200 days because I thought the kind of agenda we’re attempting to put together here overhauling health care, overhauling the tax system, rebuilding our military, securing the border. Those take more than just a few months. They take a long time, at least a year, so that’s why we’re working on the path to get it right, and not constrain it to some artificial deadline.”

What Ryan gave was a lot of excuses, along with his admission that he can’t pass Trumpcare because there aren’t enough votes to support a disastrous bill that would strip millions of Americans of their life-saving health insurance. It’s entirely possible that the GOP will never have enough votes to make Trumpcare a thing, and Ryan’s words are just as much empty promises as Trump’s are.

You can watch Ryan admit defeat below:

Featured image by Win McNamee via Getty Images