PAY-TO-PLAY: Ivanka Uses Official Europe Trip To Beg For Donations

If Hillary Clinton were in the White House and she hired her daughter, Chelsea, to work in the West Wing and then let her fundraise for the Clinton Foundation, the GOP House would be drawing up Articles of Impeachment. That is exactly what is happening in President Donald Trump’s White House. First daughter, Ivanka, is currently in Germany representing him. She works in the West Wing and is one of the main people the President listens to.

Many have been wondering what Ivanka has been up to in her job at the White House. Now at least some of her time can be accounted for. She has set up a fund to help female entrepreneurs and has been soliciting funds from foreign countries. Axios is reporting that several have already donated. They include several Middle East countries.

Axios is also reporting that her father is a big supporter of the idea. This is curious, given the¬†President’s problems with the Clinton Foundation, which also did a lot of good work and asked for money from foreigners and foreign governments. Trump and others brought up the idea that donations were made in order to gain access to the then Secretary of State. During the campaign, he went as far as to call the Clinton Foundation a “criminal enterprise.”

Trump told FOX News’ Chris Wallace, “Saudi Arabia given $25 million, Qatar, all of these countries. You talk about women and women’s rights? These are people that push gays off business, off buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly and yet you take their money. So I’d like to ask you right now why don’t you give back the money that you’ve taken from certain countries that treat certain groups of people so horribly?”

It is hard to see any difference between what Trump accused Hillary of doing and what his daughter is doing now. It’s going to be interesting seeing how White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tries to explain this one.

Featured image via Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images