WATCH: Nebraska Farmer Politely SHREDS Every Last Pro-Keystone XL Talking Point Fox News Host Has

Landowners in Nebraska are understandably upset about the Trump administration greenlighting Keystone XL because it will run near or through their lands, most of which are farms. One man, Art Tanderup, who has a small, 160-acre farm in the path of Keystone XL, appeared on Fox News to discuss the problem. And he proved that he knows much more about it than the talking heads who keep trumpeting how great it is.

Tanderup leads a group of 90 Nebraska farmers who are suing to stop Keystone XL’s construction. When host Sandra Smith asked him if this was a “not in my backyard” thing, and whether he would fight it this aggressively if it wasn’t in his backyard, he replied with:

“Yes we would. After we learned how destructive the chemicals in the tar sands are, we have come to realize that this type of fossil fuel should not be happening, and it doesn’t matter where it’s at. We need to look for other sources of renewable energy.”

Smith also asked him what the group’s goals are, and he said:

“Our goal is to keep this pipeline out of the eastern sand hills of Nebraska and off the Ogallala aquifer. Our premium goal would be to leave the tar sands in the ground and move more rapidly to renewable fuels.”

There was discussion about the quality of tar sands oil, which is terrible – tar sands oil is dirty as hell, and refining it produces a byproduct that’s worse than coal when burned (and guess what? We sell that byproduct to China, who then burns it!). It also only produces poor quality fuel, and Trans Canada would be sending it through the pipeline to Texas for refining, after which it would be exported overseas. We get no benefit at all except for possibly a few new jobs at a refinery.

Smith tried to make the pipeline sound safer than rail when it comes to moving oil, and it is, but Tanderup even shot down that talking point. It was like she never even heard him say that his group believes the tar sands should stay where they are, or really, anything else he said.

Watch below:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video