Donald Trump Just Used The World Trade Center Collapsing To Brag About Himself (FULL QUOTE)

It’s become more than obvious that Donald Trump has absolutely no filter when he speaks. He says exactly what is on his mind, and as it would appear, he may even believe his own lies.

What Trump also seems to believe, is that he’s the best thing that ever happened to the world and we should all be grateful to be alive during his existence on the planet. He’s obsessed with how much people either like him or don’t like him, and what he’s most obsessed with is ratings. He seems to live for ratings and how many people saw him at any particular time. It’s very pathetic that he seems to need this gratification.

However, in a recent unfiltered moment from Trump, he compared himself to 9/11/01 and the ratings ‘Face the Nation’ got covering the World Trade Center collapsing.

In an interview with The Associated Press, as they spoke with Trump, they said:

“And that’s one of the difficulties I think presidents have had is that you can have these personal relationships with people from the other party, but then it’s hard to actually change how people vote or change how people —”

This is when Trump decided to say:

“No I have, it’s interesting, I have, seem to get very high ratings. I definitely. You know Chris Wallace had 9.2 million people, it’s the highest in the history of the show. I have all the ratings for all those morning shows. When I go, they go double, triple. Chris Wallace, look back during the Army-Navy football game, I did his show that morning.”

Um, ok… and AP responded with, “I remember, right.” However, Trump wasn’t done. He continued:

“It had 9.2 million people. It’s the highest they’ve ever had. On any, on air, (CBS “Face the Nation” host John) Dickerson had 5.2 million people. It’s the highest for “Face the Nation” or as I call it, “Deface the Nation.” It’s the highest for “Deface the Nation” since the World Trade Center. Since the World Trade Center came down. It’s a tremendous advantage.”

He then went off on a tangent about the “fake news” or whatever.

The fact that he’s comparing, and randomly so, his ratings on a show to the coverage of the World Trade Center collapsing isn’t only bizarre, it’s depraved. He’s literally trying to say that he’s so popular, he can beat the ratings of the worst domestic disaster on American soil. Not only that, he says this after making a terrible joke.

What the f**k is wrong with him? This is about as shameful as one could EVER possibly get.

Featured photo via Getty Images