WATCH: Trump Directs Childish Tantrum At Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau Shows Him How An Adult Acts

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just demonstrated that he’s the adult in the room when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump.

In remarks from the Oval Office on Thursday, Trump launched a childish attack on our northern neighbor and longtime ally over the dairy industry in yet another overall assault on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

“I want to end and add by saying that Canada — what they’ve done to our dairy farm workers is a disgrace,” Trump began. “It’s a disgrace. I spent time with some of the farmers in Wisconsin — and as you know, rules, regulations, different things, have changed; and our farmers in Wisconsin and New York State are being put out of business — our dairy farmers.”

“The fact is, NAFTA — whether it’s Mexico or Canada — is a disaster for our country. It’s a disaster. It’s a trading disaster,” Trump continued. “We can’t let Canada or anybody else take advantage, and do what they do to our workers and to our farmers. We’re going to have to get to the negotiating table with Canada very, very quickly…this is another NAFTA disaster, and we’re not going to let it continue onward.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Trump’s tantrum drew a sharp but very adult response from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who told Bloomberg that he “understands” that governors in the border states are playing politics with the dairy issue, but then he pointed out that America “has a $400 million dairy surplus with Canada.”

In other words, the supply of milk in the United States has surpassed demand, which means farmers can’t sell any more because there is already too much milk on the market.

“So it’s not Canada that is the challenge here,” Trudeau continued, adding that we need to base our trading relationships on the facts so that people in both countries can succeed.

Trudeau further pointed out that the United States subsidizes much of the agriculture industry and that we should “not pretend we’re in a global free market when it comes to agriculture. Every country protects, for good reason, its agricultural industries.”

Trudeau went on to say that Canada is not going to “overreact,” but will instead “lay out the facts” and hold substantive talks about how Canada, Mexico, and the United States can fix some of the issues with NAFTA that need tweaking. Trudeau even addressed Trump directly by stating that once Trump is presented the facts he’ll “take a different position.”

“He has shown if he says one thing and actually hears good counter arguments or good reasons why he should shift his position, he will take a different position if it’s a better one, if the arguments win him over,” Trudeau said.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Once again, Trump embarrasses himself and the United States. Throwing a temper tantrum will not achieve anything except negative results.

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