Trump UNRAVELS As Republicans Admit He Should Spend Less Time Playing Golf (DETAILS)

By now, pretty much all of America can agree that Donald Trump needs to spend more time working and less time on the golf course — and it’s not just the Democrats who think this. Apparently, there is now a big push from the Republican Party to get Trump to spend less time at Mar-a-Lago.

Republican Joni Ernst confessed that the GOP is having a hard time defending all the time Trump is spending away from his responsibilities at the White House. At an Iowa town hall, Ernst admitted that the GOP as a whole believes that Trump should drastically cut down on his costly getaways:

“I do wish he would spend more time in Washington, DC. That’s what we have the White House for, we would love to see more of those State Department visits in Washington, DC. I think it’s smart that he does business in Washington DC, so I’ve had those same concerns myself.”

Ernst then dropped this bombshell, signaling that many Republicans aren’t happy with how Trump is performing:

“I have not spoken to him about the Florida issue yet, but that is something I think that has been bothering not just me, but some other members of our caucus. So I think that is going to be a topic of discussion that we have when we get back to Washington.”

Ernst has criticized Trump before, previously stating that he “has a number of flaws.” While we can’t expect that the GOP will lash out at Trump for taking far more golf trips than former President Barack Obama did, this is a step in the right direction. It seems the GOP is trying to reel Trump in and actually get him to perform his presidential duties. They probably won’t succeed, but their attempts show that Trump’s honeymoon period is coming to an end as he has nothing to show for his first 100 days in office.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images