Trump Takes Credit For Republican ‘Win’ In Georgia, And Gets Brutally Humiliated With Math

You would think that a businessman would understand math. Not Donald Trump.

Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff narrowly missed an outright victory in Georgia on Tuesday.

As Republicans poured money into the race, Ossoff’s anti-Trump campaign soared and nearly cruised to an easy win in a district that is considered a Republican fortress.

In other words, Ossoff should not have been able to even get close to winning. But Donald Trump’s increasing unpopularity combined with his incompetence gave Democrats a strategy to become competitive in even the most conservative areas.

After being upset in Delaware and nearly losing in Kansas, Republicans had much to be worried about on Tuesday as election results flowed in.

Even Trump recognized that the race in Georgia represents a backlash against his administration and Republican power in Congress, which is why he attacked Ossoff repeatedly on Twitter.

It’s a test of what Republicans could expect in 2018 when the midterm election rolls around.

Instead of a Republican wave, however, the current party that controls Congress could be swept out of power by a Democratic wave, paving the way for Trump’s impeachment and the reversal of the destructive policies he and his Republican friends in Congress have put in place so far.

In the end, Ossoff did not secure the 50 percent of the vote needed to win. The election now heads to a runoff in June between Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel.

But that didn’t stop Trump from declaring that race a victory for Republicans and taking credit for it.

The problem is that Democrats did not “fail.” Ossoff captured 48 percent of the vote in a district that should have easily been won by Republicans. Handel only got 19 percent of the vote and Ossoff got more votes than just about every Republican on the ticket combined.

Twitter users were more than happy to humiliate Trump’s math skills.

It’s time for Republicans to face reality. Donald Trump is hurting their party and is the reason why they are heading for a major defeat in 2018.

Featured Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images