Patriots White House Group Photo Sure To Infuriate Trump After Obama Comparison Surfaces

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has deep insecurities about his job performance compared to his predecessor. Making matters worse, Trump’s favorability continues to take a nosedive while former president Barack Obama is seeing a post-office surge. America got its first example of just how thin-skinned and vain Trump really would be as president when he repeatedly lied (and had his staff lie) about the size of his inauguration crowd.

We’re about to get a second glimpse.

On Wednesday, Trump hosted the New England Patriots football team at the White House in honor of the Super Bowl win. However, not everyone made the trip. Months ago, players started announcing that they would boycott the trip due to Trump’s divisive rhetoric. His history of racism, sexism, xenophobia and intolerance were enough to make many players not want to lend their support to his presidency.

In an additional blow, Trump’s idol Tom Brady decided (last minute) that he would not be attending the ceremony either. Brady’s official excuse was “family” reasons. It’s unclear if there was another, more Trump-related reason. The news was probably devastating to Trump, who has long considered Brady one of his few friends.

As a result of the boycotts, Trump’s group photo with the Patriots was noticeably sparse. It looked even worse when the New York Times dug up the 2015 Patriots White House visit. (Yeah, they win Super Bowls a lot.)


Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images