Trump Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch Gets HUMILIATED On First Day By Another Judge

Welcome to the big leagues, kid.

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice only made it through Senate confirmation because Republicans changed the rules so they could complete their robbery of the seat from President Obama pick Merrick Garland.

Neil Gorsuch now sits on the high court and his first day was Monday. And of course, just like Trump, he embarrassed himself from the get-go.

Gorsuch’s first case involved a Census Bureau worker who had been dismissed and filed a lawsuit over it.

The former government employee’s lawyers want the entire case to be allowed to move forward instead of only part of it being heard by the federal appeals courts. Rather than keep his mouth shut and learn, Gorsuch apparently decided to try to prove that he belonged there.

And he didn’t waste time. Gorsuch was argumentative and spent lots of time on wording. In other words, it looks like Gorsuch is going to be an asshole judge who is going to base every decision he makes on exact wording and his interpretation of those words. He’s going to nitpick and decide cases on technicalities.

But then Gorsuch decided to go even further by changing the decorum of the court. Channeling Trump, Gorsuch literally accused attorney Chris Landau of lying in open court.

According to Bloomberg,

Landau asked the court to let the man’s entire suit go forward in a federal district court, rather than waiting for part of the case to be addressed first by a federal appeals court. When Landau said he wasn’t asking the court to “break any new ground,” Gorsuch gave a pointed response.

“No, just to continue to make it up,” Gorsuch said.

But Landau is correct. As Bloomberg points out, there is plenty of precedent of the Supreme Court allowing such lawsuits to move forward in their entirety. So Landau really isn’t asking the high court to do anything different than it has before. He’s asking them to uphold precedent, something Gorsuch clearly has no interest in doing regardless of what the law says.

But Justice Elena Kagan was quick to put Gorsuch in his place and humiliated him in the process.

“This would be kind of a revolution,” she began. “I mean, to the extent you can have a revolution in this kind of case.”

The room laughed as everyone recognized a good Supreme Court burn.

So just like Donald Trump, Gorsuch is an embarrassment.

Frankly, not only should Trump be impeached, Gorsuch should be impeached as well. He doesn’t belong in the position he currently holds. It’s clear he has no respect for Supreme Court decorum and that he will make partisan decisions regardless of precedent and the law. And Republicans are the ones to blame for this. They chose Trump to be their leader and they forced Gorsuch upon the Supreme Court. It’s up to Democrats to fix both of these embarrassments as soon as they take back control of Congress.

Featured Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images