Trump Just Shamed Our Country Yet AGAIN With His Latest Diplomacy Disaster (DETAILS)

Donald Trump has made a fine art of p*ssing off other world leaders. Thanks to our fearless orange tweeter-in-chief, Colombia’s government is now furious with us too.

According to Colombia Reports, Donald Trump met with Former President Andres Pastrana (1998-2002) and former President Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010), an opposition leader, at Mar-a-Lago. Current Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who has not yet gotten to meet with Trump himself, is not impressed.

Santos has spoken to Trump to express his concern that Uribe’s lobbying in the U.S. is a major inconvenience for the government of Colombia. But the only response he has gotten from the White House is that Trump will “take care of it personally.”

Vice-President Oscar Naranjo said Uribe and Pastrana have overstepped by pushing their own political interests rather than those defined by the official government.

“Presidents and their foreign ministers are those who really establish and maintain these relations” with foreign governments, Naranjo explained.

Uribe and Pastrana have both made it abundantly clear that they are opposed to the peace process and they are kissing up to Trump because the U.S. is the only country that has not yet promised to offer financial aid.

Colombia Reports writes:

Only last week, senators of Uribe’s hard-right Democratic Center party wrote a letter in which they asked the US to not financially support the peace process.

On Sunday Uribe published a letter to US Congress on Twitter, warning that the efforts to end 52 years of political violence could lead to Colombia becoming an authoritarian communist state similar to Venezuela.

Additionally, the former head of state claimed that the transitional justice court that could try him for a number of war crimes is being set up by communist sympathizers.

Juan Carlos Pinzon, Colombia’s ambassador in Washington, said that Uribe and Pastrana made their meeting with Trump sound much more important than it actually was.

“There was an encounter, not a meeting or a formal date,” Pinzon said.

So, it seems we can now add Colombia to the list of countries that Trump has offended by being a moron without the slightest understanding of foreign policy. Lovely.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images