Maxine Waters TORCHES Trump’s Lies And Lack Of Transparency In GLORIOUS Tweet Storm

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is the physical embodiment of the anti-Trump resistance in Congress. She has openly called for the orange one to be impeached on multiple occasions, and rails against him on national television at every opportunity. Her latest attack on The Donald comes via his own favorite platform — Twitter.

Of course, Rep. Waters participated in the Tax Day marches that were designed to pressure Trump to release his tax returns as every president and presidential candidate has done for decades. Of course, Trump broke all the rules of politics and still managed to get elected. So, the breaking of this particular tradition should come as no surprise.

Well, Rep. Waters has had enough of Trump’s lies and lack of transparency, so she took to Twitter to rail Trump once again:

Rep. Waters is correct. Trump is a liar. He isn’t releasing his taxes because he’s hiding god only knows what. Further, we can’t let him distract us with missiles and bombs. We must know what he is hiding and who he is working for, and we must know if he colluded with Russia to win this election.

Keep on fighting, Auntie Maxine. We need good, strong Democrats like you to derail Trump’s hateful agenda.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images