BRUTAL New Poll Shows Stunning Drop In Trump’s Numbers In Six Key Areas; Trump HUMILIATED

Trump is not keeping his promises. As far as his supporters were concerned, he started off okay, but over the last few weeks he’s done a stunning array of flip-flops, and people apparently are not happy about it. In February, Gallup conducted a poll of people who believed Trump would keep his promises, and at that time, a majority of American (62 percent) believed he would. Now that has flip-flopped, and today, only 45 percent believe he’ll keep his promises.

So what all has he flipped on?

And there’s probably a lot more. In short, he’s proven that he’s not the open, honest, and trustworthy man he claimed to be on the campaign trail, and people are finally starting to wake up to that. Too little, too late, though, since he’s already in office.

But wait! There’s more. Only 52 percent of Americans believe Trump is a strong and decisive leader, down from 59 percent in February. 46 percent believe he can bring about the changes we need here, down from 53 percent. 36 percent see him as honest and trustworthy, down from 42 percent. 42 percent believe he cares about their needs, down from 46 percent, and 41 percent believe he can effectively manage the government, down from 44 percent.

In other words, fewer people trust Trump to pretty much do anything now than they did a mere two months ago. As Trump approaches his first 100-day mark, that’s a humiliating picture.

Featured image by Ron Sachs-Pool via Getty Images