Trump Influence CRUMBLING As His Own Supporters Share SHOCKING Resentment For Him (DETAILS)

The majority of America saw this coming: Trump’s supporters are finally becoming extremely disappointed in the failing performance of their president of choice.

Thanks to a New York Times profile of Trump supporters in Pennsylvania, we now know that Trump voters recognize that they’re not seeing any of the “winning” that Trump has promised them over and over. Things have gotten so bad, that the only people in Trump’s corner are actually losing hope.

Theresa Remington, a home-care worker with two children on active duty in the Marines, had hopes Trump would be good for the Veterans Administration and health care system – and has been severely disappointed. Remington said Trump was “Just like any other damn president,” and now she’s curious about what things would have been like if Sen. Bernie Sanders had won the election.

Brian Mock, a tattoo artist, admitted with reluctance that Trump is not the right president for this country. Mock said:

“No one wants to be wrong. It’s seeing a house on fire and saying, ‘That house isn’t on fire.’ It is very clearly on fire.”

According to The Times, Trump supporters feel they have been blindsided and are wondering where Trump’s grandiose promises have gone. Some have been completely turned off by Trump’s erratic tweeting. Some are so upset with Trump that they feel more confident that Vice President Mike Pence would be a more capable POTUS.

Bill Yokobosky IV, a train engineer, admitted:

“It’s not what he’s done, it’s what he’s trying to do. He hasn’t succeeded, really. He’s fighting himself and he’s fighting Washington. They’re just trying to get settled in there.”

The Times’ report of the defeat Trump supporters are feeling is right in line with Trump’s approval rating, which is now lower than ever before according to a recent Gallup poll. After dropping the “Mother of All Bombs”, Trump’s broken his own record to reach a new historic low.

Featured image via Win McNamee / Getty Images