Trump Finally Found A Book He Can ‘Read’ And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Him

As we all know, Donald Trump does not like to read books. Hell, he really doesn’t read anything at all unless it’s something that strokes his ego. But he finally found the perfect book and he humiliated himself by telling the world about it.

In a morning Twitter rant on Monday, Trump promoted a book that is literally filled with mostly blank pages. And conservatives are actually spending their money on it.

If you preview the “book” on Amazon, all you’ll find for content is blank pages. The word count clocks in at 1,235 words over an entire 266 pages. Basically, it’s a waste of paper, ink, and brain cells that only someone like Donald Trump and his conservative fans appreciate. You know, because reading something of substance is hard.

Here’s just a couple screenshot of the pages within the “book.”

It goes on and on like that throughout and it’s easy to see why Trump likes to “read” it. Because there’s nothing to really read at all.

Keep in mind, Trump’s tweet of admiration for this piece of right-wing trash comes only a few days after his daughter Ivanka tweeted about the importance of reading.

Clearly, her dad doesn’t pay attention to her posts.

Twitter users were unimpressed by Trump’s book choice and proceeded to humiliate him for it.

Featured Image: Twitter