Mike Pence Just Dropped A TERRIFYING Bombshell On North Korea, Threatens War (VIDEO)

On Monday, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea to do Trump’s dirty work and deliver a message that should make every American extremely uncomfortable.

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Pence confirmed that the Trump administration was throwing diplomacy out the window and abandoning “the failed policy of strategic patience.” Pence said:

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“We’re going to abandon the failed policy of strategic patience. But we’re going to redouble our efforts to bring diplomatic and economic pressure to bear on North Korea. Our hope is that we can resolve this issue peaceably.”

“[Strategic patience] was the policy of the United States of America during prior administrations to practice what they called strategic patience, that was to hope to martial international support to bring an end to the nuclear ambitions and the ballistic missile program of North Korea. that clearly ahs failed and the advent of nuclear weapons testing and development of a nuclear program…all confirms the fact that strategic patience has failed.”

When Bash asked Pence to clarify what he meant, Pence said:

“We’re going to abandon the failed policy of strategic patience but we’re going to redouble our efforts to bring diplomatic and economic pressure to bear on North Korea.”

“Our hope is that we can resolve this situation peaceably. And I know the President was heartened by his discussions with President Xi (Jinping). We’ve seen China begin to take some actions to bring pressure on North Korea but there needs to be more.”

“Resolving this issue requires all relevant parties, especially parties that bear major responsibility and play a key role in this issue, to work in the same direction and make a joint effort.”

You can watch Pence deliver this message below:

While Pence might have tried to soften his message while he was speaking to Bash, he said this to acting South Korean President Hwang Kyo-ahn on Monday, making more of a direct threat:

“Just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan.

North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region.”

Clearly, Trump wants to take more of a strong-arm approach and is using Pence to deliver this terrifying message. As North Korea has already launched a (failed) missile and Trump has proven himself to be trigger-happy when it comes to dropping bombs and his own missile attacks, this abandonment of diplomacy could very well mean war in the near future.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images