Melania Has To Remind Trump How To Do National Anthem In Most Pathetic Moment Of WH Easter (VIDEO)

Trump’s hastily organized White House Easter Egg Roll went from bad to worse after he almost managed to botch the national anthem on camera.

After avoiding the children’s event on the White House lawn for several hours so he could finish watching Fox and Friends (yes, really), Trump revealed that he wasn’t prepared to handle even the basic responsibilities he was given for the event. In contrast to former President Obama, Trump declined to read to the children, so Melania had to instead. For some time Trump lingered on a railed balcony, separated from the gathered families on the lawn.

When it came time to do the National Anthem, Trump seemingly forgot that it is customary to place one’s hand over one’s heart. While a member of the military band sang, Melania and Barron noticed that the President of the United States was just standing casually with arms at his sides. Melania can be seen nudging Trump’s arm, and he finally realizes his mistake.

It’s possible that Trump’s heart wasn’t in the event because he had already thrown a private egg roll the night before for dues-paying members of Mar-a-Lago. Unlike the egg roll on the White House lawn, the one at Mar-a-Lago consisted of only rich families.

From pictures shared by excited attendees, Trump was much more willing to rub elbows with these families.

In other news, this delightful clip of President Obama’s 2015 egg roll has been going viral again. It seems people are desperate to remember a time when America had a president capable of going a few hours without embarrassing the country.

Featured image via Twitter