Kid Asks Trump To Sign His Hat At Egg Roll, Trump Throws Hat Into Crowd (VIDEO)

Example #490927 that Trump is terrible with children: While making his way through the crowd at the White House Easter egg roll, Trump was asked by a young child if he would sign his hat. Somehow he screwed that up.

After being stopped, Trump grabs a pen, quickly signs the hat and then… throws the hat deep into the crowd. Some in the crowd literally shout “nooo!” as he does it. Trump, oblivious to the fact that he just screwed this kid over, grabs another hat. Signs it. And… does the exact same thing.

What is going through his head?

At the end of the clip, Trump asks “whose hat?” as if the kid he screwed over wasn’t standing right in front of him the whole time. It’s unclear if the original kid ever got his signed hat.

Even setting aside this awful moment, Trump’s Easter egg roll was a shoddily run event.

  • Trump didn’t come out of the White House right away because he was finishing up watching (and tweeting about) Fox and Friends.
  • Trump forgot how to stand for the National Anthem. His wife had to nudge him to place his hand over his heart.
  • Trump held a separate egg roll for rich families at Mar-a-Lago the night before, signaling the way he sees people.
  • The egg roll appeared to have been attended by a lot fewer people than had been the case in recent years.
  • Trump did not read to the children, making his wife do it instead.

Other than that, everything was perfect.

Featured image via Twitter